The ‘ideal’ order in which the products should be used.
For optimum results, it’s ideal to:
– use MER ‘High Shine Shampoo’ first to remove deep down dirt
– apply MER ‘Ultimate Shine Polish’ for an even more thorough clean and shine
then apply MER ‘Deep Gloss Finishing Wax’ for a deep gloss finish and durable water resistant protective coating


It’s important to use a high quality shampoo.
Using a good quality shampoo really is important. Non specialist car cleaning products, for instance washing-up liquid, simply aren’t designed to be used on car’s paint, glass or metal/alloy surfaces. They can contain salt which could cause rust and in some instances even lift the paint. MER ‘High Shine Shampoo’ has been formulated with special surfactants designed to safely and carefully lift dirt from the surface of all car surfaces/finishes.


The difference between a polish and a wax, and whether it’s critical to use both.
Fundamentally a polish is an ‘all in one’ clean and protect product, whereas a wax will deliver a deep gloss, and maximise long lasting paintwork protection.


MER ‘Deep Gloss Finishing Wax’ will give the best protection to paintwork.
MER ‘Deep Gloss Finishing Wax’ has an advanced polymer formulation that ‘locks in’ a durable water resistant protective coating to repel common contaminants keeping paintwork in excellent condition.


MER ‘Ultimate Shine Polish’ will help restore dull paint.
MER ‘Ultimate Shine Polish’ contains unique conditioning agents that both nourishes and restores dull paintwork.


MER ‘High Shine Shampoo’ gives the best protective shine.
MER ‘High Shine Shampoo’ gives a wonderful clean shine but using MER ‘Ultimate Shine Polish’ will enhance that shine to another level. For optimum protective shine however MER ‘Deep Gloss Finishing Wax’ is the ideal final application.


MER ‘Ultimate Shine Polish’ can remove ‘swirl marks’.
Using MER ‘Ultimate Shine Polish’ removes swirl marks and micro-scratches by cleaning, shining and then protecting paintwork.


The MER range is suitable and safe to be used on all types of car paintwork.
All of the products can safely be used on all colours and paint types.