Why has the blue bottle gone?
To better display MER’s German automotive heritage, premium product quality and performance. Part of MER’s ongoing research showed many people didn’t actually know MER was German, and that fact underpins trust in the quality of the product performance.


Are the products inside the new bottles also new?
Yes, all of the new range deliver MER’s best ever product performance and results.




Does MER ‘Ultimate Shine Polish’ contain Silicon?
Yes. All wax polishes contain Silicon which helps protect paintwork, producing a remarkable mirror-like surface.


Is MER ‘Ultimate Shine Polish’ suitable for all paint types e.g. Metallic?

All products in the MER ‘Auto Shine Technologie’ range are safe to use on all colours and paint types.


Why shouldn’t I use washing up liquid on my vehicle?
When added to hot water, washing up liquid is designed to cut through grease so, obviously, it can also strip away layers from your vehicle, leaving it exposed to the elements and liable to rust.


How often does my car need polishing?
For optimum shine and protection, every 6-8 weeks depending on conditions.


Does polishing my car rub paint away?
No. If you do have any colour on your cloth, this means that the paint on your car has no clear top coat for protection.


What are the advantages of MER ‘High Shine Shampoo’?
MER ‘High Shine Shampoo’ removes ingrained dirt to leave paintwork ready for polishing. It can also be used as a general wash followed by the MER ‘Deep Gloss Finishing Wax’ which will give your vehicle protection for up to 4 months.


Can I polish in direct sunlight?
Unfortunately not, polishes dry too quickly in direct sunlight and this in turn makes the surface difficult to buff to a high gloss finish.


How long can MER ‘Ultimate Shine Polish’ be left on before it is removed?
MER Ultimate Polish should be removed within thirty minutes of application.


Why does MER ‘Ultimate Shine Polish’ stain my plastic bumper and trim?
MER ‘Ultimate Shine Polish’ contains a mineral to remove oxides from the surface. It is this mineral that can leave white marks on plastic trims. These marks are easily removed using hot water and a toothbrush.


The difference between a polish and a wax, and whether it’s critical to use both?
It is not critical to use both, but doing so will give much better overall performance and finish. A polish is effectively an ‘all in one clean, shine and protect’ product. By contrast, a wax gives deeper gloss and better/longer protection but without the cleaning performance of a polish.


How often should I wax my car?
You should wax your car when it no longer repels water, or when an improvement in appearance is required. MER ‘Deep Gloss Finishing Wax’ can give up to four months protection in one application depending on weather conditions.


How much product should I use?
Please follow the guidelines on the product packaging as with some products it is possible to over apply.


Does my bottle of MER have a use by date?
All MER products are guaranteed for 2 years from the batch code date found on the bottle.


What is the best product to use to restore faded paintwork?
MER ‘Ultimate Shine Polish’ will restore faded paintwork bringing the surface up to a high shine.


What is the safest way to remove bird droppings from my car?
Firstly remove as much as possible with a damp cloth as soon as you notice it on the paintwork. Any marks in the paintwork can then be removed using MER ‘Ultimate Shine Polish’.


How can I remove holograms from my paintwork?
MER ‘Deep Gloss Finishing Wax’ will cover up swirl marks however, MER ‘Ultimate Shine Polish’ will, in most cases, remove swirls and holograms.


How do I remove swirl marks from my car?
The easiest way is to use MER ‘Ultimate Shine Polish’.


Can I use MER ‘Auto Shine Technologie’ on a motor home?
Yes, use MER ‘Ultimate Shine Polish’ to clean and give your motor home or caravan great shine then use MER ‘Deep Gloss Finishing Wax’ for both a deeper gloss shine and help protect it from the elements.




What products are there in the MER range to clean the interior of my car?
Try MER ‘Multi-Surface Interior Cleaner’ to remove stains, freshen fabric and bring interiors back to life!


Can I use MER ‘Deep Gloss Finishing Wax’ on glass?
We would not recommend this as a wax hazes once applied which will make a smear affect on glass. MER ‘Clear Mist Glass Cleaner’ is specially formulated to give a sparkling smear-free finish, inside and out.


How do I remove stuck on dirt from my windscreen?
MER ‘Clear Mist Glass Cleaner’ is formulated to remove tough dirt and grease and is ideal for tackling tar spots, dead flies, bird droppings and other organic matter.


How should you apply MER ‘Clear Mist Glass Cleaner’?
Apply with a paper towel in up and down movements to ensure a perfect clarity, streak free shine.




Can I use MER ‘Ultimate Shine Polish’ on my Alloy Wheels?
Yes you can and at MER we understand your desire for every part of your car to be in pristine condition. For optimum shine and protection, use MER ‘Ultimate Shine Polish’ after first using MER ‘Power Foam Wheel Cleaner’ which has been specifically designed to give fantastic results on all alloy wheels, removing brake dust and even the most stubborn dirt from your wheels and wheel covers.


Why do my wheels need to be cold before cleaning?
Cleaning products will evaporate on hot surfaces, leaving unsightly spots on your wheels, so it’s vital that you wait for them to cool before washing. If the wheels are caked in mud or brake dust, start by using a power spray or hose to remove the excess, taking care to shield your eyes from any dirt that is thrown up. Make sure you wash the wheels before the rest of the car and always use separate materials, as even a small amount of debris from the wheels may damage your paintwork.