Drivers now care more about their car’s appearance than their own according to a new study.

Research into consumer behaviour by leading car cleaning brand MER and Halfords reveal that almost three quarters of motorists (73%) now spend at least as much on car care products as they do on personal grooming.

Whilst men are the most concerned with their car’s appearance – 8 out of 10 (81%) taking as good as or better care of their vehicle than they do of themselves – surprisingly more than half (52%) of women drivers agree.

Halfords car cleaning expert David Howells said: “Cars are an expensive investment and a highly personal statement, so whether caring for your car to preserve its value or ensure it looks its best, these findings show owners are prepared to spend the time and money on an appropriate beauty regime.”

When comparing the sexes in terms of who spends more on car care than their own beauty and grooming products there is a marked difference.

Despite the fact that men are now spending more on beauty and grooming products than women, two thirds of men (60%) spend more keeping their car looking good, whilst over a quarter (27%) of women admit their car comes first in the beauty stakes.

Donna Howard from MER ‘Auto Shine Technologie’ added: “The amount of science and technology that goes into modern car waxes and polish formulations shares similarities with the cosmetics industry and genuinely help protect paintwork and keep vehicles looking good for longer.

“People are spending an increasing amount of time in their cars and as this research shows, looking good behind the wheel is important to both men and women.”